How to Have a Rainbow Name in Brawl Stars

Do you like being involved in epic multiplayer mayhem with your friends? Wanna you blow them up and punch them out? That’s great as only this way you will win the brawl in Brawl Stars!

Those who have ever played several rounds of Brawl Stars most likely have seen the other players with the rainbow names. It looks so cool, doesn’t it? And now, we will guide you through the process of getting the colored name. Let’s get the ball rolling!

​Steps to Get a Rainbow Name in Brawl Stars

The majority of Brawl Stars players have one-color names, and they look pretty… usual! If you do not want to be like everyone else and want to stand out, check the option of getting a rainbow name! There are no doubts: it will look unique and attract everyone’s attention. Let’s go into the details and make your nickname shine like a rainbow!

Follow these easy steps, and you will get a rainbow name in Brawl Stars:

  • Go to your home screen and choose Brawl Pass (it is located in the lower left-hand corner).
  • Then please hit “Rewards.”
  • From the left side of the screen, you will see the button “Brawl Pass. Activate.” It costs 169 champs to do it.
  • Once you buy a Brawl Pass, please unlock the “rainbow name” option and enjoy its unique look!

How to Change the Color of Your Name in Brawl Stars

Follow these easy steps, and you will change the color of your name in Brawl Stars:

  • Go to your home screen and choose the settings.
  • After opening the settings screen, please click the button “Change Name.”
  • You will see the name field. Please type out “<c#>NAME</c>.” Important note: You will need to replace the “#” with some number (from 1 to 9). The secret here is that each number stands for a different color. Obviously, in the name line, you will need to put the name you want to have. Below please find the list of colors to select from:
  1. C1 = Grey
  2. C2 = Red
  3. C3 = Green
  4. C4 = Blue
  5. C5 = Teal
  6. C6 = Purple
  7. C7 = Yellow
  8. C8 = Pink
  9. C9 = Red

And here comes important information: one can change a name only one time. So, make sure to choose the best name for yourself!

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As you type, the parts of the input you type in will disappear. So, you will see the example of the final output. There will be no other stuff left. That is why check everything attentively, and in case you notice any numbers or code, make sure to re-try the input, and it was done in a wrong way.

  • Once you succeed, repeat typing in the whole string. This way, you will confirm the name change.
  • Type in “CONFIRM.”

Now you are all set. Enjoy your fancy name and play a game. Time to brawl!

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