Brawl Stars Lou Guide

Lou is a chromatic fighter that can be obtained as a reward at level 30 in the Brawl Pass or in a chest after reaching level 30. Lou has a very cool attack, although he has little health. And his main feature is that he doesn’t only deal damage but also stuns enemies for a few seconds! And his super does not allow enemies to escape quickly. In this guide, we will give you tips and tricks on how to play Lou in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Lou Stats

  • Chromatic.
  • Movement speed 720.
  • Attack radius: 9.33.
  • Bullets per attack: 3.
  • Cooldown: 1.3 seconds.
  • Super Attack Radius: 7.67.
  • Super attack time: 10 seconds.

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Brawl Stars Lou Strategy Guide

  • It is better to play as Lou in 3v3 modes because Lou’s advantage is his ability to freeze enemies. And the 3v3 maps are quite narrow, unlike the encounter maps, where enemies can easily escape from him.
  • Try to focus your shooting on one enemy to freeze him faster, but remember that Brawl Stars is a team game, and you also need to help allies on the other lines.
  • Lou can be useful in Siege because of his gadget and main attack, killing the robot very quickly.
  • He can also be good at Brawlball, as his main attack can stun opponents, forcing them to throw the ball.
  • His super can completely cover the capture area in the Hot Zone. This can be used to your advantage to scare enemies out of the zone or easily attack.
  • Lou fights well against rangers because he can freeze them and come closer.
  • Lou is the perfect opponent against such brawlers like Max and Mortis.

These were the main and most important tips on how to play Lou in Brawl Stars. Do you have any other recommendations and cheats? Write them in the comment section below.

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