Bees buzz about the Minecraft world as neutral mobs, only attacking if provoked. They hover a few blocks above the ground just like bats, flying horizontally and vertically. When the bee attacks they swarm the player and sting, inflicting poison. They live in colonies within naturally occurring Bee Nests or crafted Beehives.

Bees harvest pollen from flowers and take it back to their nest or hive where it is converted into honey and honeycomb. The bee then exits the hive or nest at daytime to collect more pollen while the honey level multiplies (up to 5). Once the nest of hive is full is starts a ‘drip’ animation to show the honey is ready to harvest.

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To harvest the honey players will need a glass bottle. Using the glass bottle on nest or hive will turn it into a Honey Bottle. Players can also place a redstone dispenser containing a glass bottle beside or facing the bee nest or hive.

Keep the bees calm by placing a campfire 4 or 5 blocks below the nest- this distance helps prevent the bees catching on fire as they enter and exit the nest or hive.

Happy harvesting!

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