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How to Grow Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom?

How to Grow Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom?

In this new game from Niantic, you will have to walk the world and raise the Pikmins. And with their help, you can plant flowers throughout the game map. But there are also Big Flowers for the growing of which you will receive rewards. This guide will tell you about Big Flowers.

How to Grow Big Flowers

Finding these large flowers is not difficult, they are already planted on the map. But they are divided into three stages of growth leaf, bud, and blooming. To grow a Big Flower, you need to plant ordinary flowers around it. This planting zone can be seen on the map as a circle. Each stage of growth requires 300 planted flowers. So in order for it to bloom, 600 flowers are required.

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Fortunately, you do not need to do this alone, you can plant flowers with other players and everyone will do their part. When you plant enough flowers and the Big Flower blooms, you will receive special rewards for your Pikmins expeditions.

The appearance of the Big Flower will also vary. This is mainly Influenced by the flowers that are planted around, for example, if more red flowers are planted then the Big Flower will be red. However, white flowers can grow completely new types of Big Flowers. So you will have the opportunity to collect different Nectar.

If you are lucky and choose the right flowers to plant, you may even have a rose or pansies. And do not forget that the growth cycle of the Big Flower resets after 23 hours.

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How to Grow Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom?


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