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How to Grow and Harvest Olives in Farming Simulator 23

How to Grow and Harvest Olives in Farming Simulator 23
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Farming Simulator 23 is here, and, besides new crops like grapes and sorghum, we can finally grow some olives as well. If you like olives in real life, this should get you quite excited. However, even if you’re not a fan, you should know that olives are quite a lucrative crop to focus on in your farming efforts. In this guide, we show you everything you need to know on how to grow and harvest olives in Farming Simulator 23 so that you can make olive oil or just sell them at a good price!

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How to Grow and Harvest Olives in Farming Simulator 23

Tractor in Farming Simulator 23
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The easiest way to start your olive production is to purchase an existing olive orchard. There is one field of 0.76 hectares that costs just a bit above $160,000 in Farming Simulator 23 for mobile devices, with olives that are ready for harvesting.

You will need a proper olive harvester, so go ahead and buy a New Holland harvester (Braud 9090X Olive) in Olive Technology for $306,000 (yes, quite pricey, but you should see the returns soon enough). You will also need a tractor (unless you already have one). You don’t have to splurge for a big machine—a small tractor will suffice.

We also recommend getting the Disc-0-Vigne-V cultivator and the TPN 140 mulcher, which are not very expensive (you can find them also in the Olive Technology tab).

As you start harvesting olives with your New Holland harvester, just make sure to align the machine properly with the olive row you’re harvesting. Because of the turn radius of this machine, it might be difficult to keep track of the rows you’ve already covered, so try to pay attention to that.

Load the harvested olives into your trailer(s), but keep in mind that you cannot store olives in your farm silos. If you plan to grow olives, you can either sell the crop or buy an oil mill and make olive oil.

We hope you have fun with your olive orchard. If you need more assistance with farming, check out more useful guides in our dedicated Farming Simulator 23 section here on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Grow and Harvest Olives in Farming Simulator 23