How to Get Your Own Creator Code in Brawl Stars

Have you ever heard about Brawl Stars? If you are fond of multiplayer mayhem, then surely you’ve heard about it! This is an exciting multiplayer shooter game. Solo brawlers, duo, or three-on-three perform the attacks. The players are offered to choose their health, their brawler’s super (special attack), and distinctive attack. Brawl Stars attracts with its cartoonish animation and colorful characters.

The game creators introduced Content Creator Boost to the public. It gives all the players the possibility to choose some favorite content creators and support them through adding their personal code in the Shop.

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But what if you decide to get your own creator code in Brawl Stars? No panic. This article is your guide to getting the desired result!

​Brawl Stars: Getting Your Own Creator Code

The secret of getting your own creator code is simple. The required conditions are the following:

  • To get it, one must have not less than 5000 followers across their social media platforms. By social media platforms, we mean Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • An applicant needs to make content related to the game.

If these conditions are met, the supercell will check them out and determine whether a player is eligible for getting the creator code. If yes, they will get the code.

To sum everything up, getting your own creator code will take some time and will be beneficial only if you have thousands of people following you. Still, reach your first 5000 followers line, and get the desired result! The sky is the limit!

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