How to get Yellow Nectar in Pikmin Bloom

How to get Yellow Nectar in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is becoming more popular every day thanks to the fact that everyone can find something interesting for themselves in this game. Do you like yellow and want to plant yellow flowers wherever you walk? Then you need Yellow Nectar. This guide will explain how to get your hands on this Nectar.

How to get Yellow Nectar

Nectar is needed to grow flowers on the heads of the Pikmins. They will drop Petals, which you must collect in order to plant flowers. All of the game’s mechanics depend on the color.

Since we need yellow Nectar, we are looking for Yellow fruits—for example, Lemons. There is a small chance that the Pikmin will bring them to you while you walk, but it is better to send them on expeditions so that they are more likely to get Lemons.

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Plus, you’ve definitely noticed the Big Flowers, which have a specifically circular area around them. You should plant flowers in this area, and we recommend that you do this with flowers of the same color as the Nectar you are looking for. When such flowers bloom, they drop the Nectar of their color. Therefore, you can either look for already yellow flowers that are almost blooming, or you can grow them yourself.

When you have received the long-awaited Nectar, you can feed your Pikmins and they will give you Yellow Petals. Now you can decorate the whole map with lovely Yellow Flowers.

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How to get Yellow Nectar in Pikmin Bloom


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