How to Get Warchief in Northgard

How to Get Warchief in Northgard

In the exciting game Northgard, you will control a Viking clan. In total, the game has 12 different clans to choose from, which have different units and bonuses. Your tactics and gameplay will depend on this choice. In this guide, we will tell you about this type of unit like the Warchief.

How to Get Warchief

The Warchief is a unique unit that has great stats compared to Shield Bearer, Ax Thrower, Tracker, or Skirmisher. You can only hire one Warchief at a time, with the exception of the Horse clan. There are two Warchiefs in the Horse clan, and the entire gameplay revolves around these units.

You can get Warchief from Training Camp. However, there are a few exceptions for several clans. For example, if you are from the Dragon clan then you need the Dragonkin Altar. For the Horse Clan, Warchief can be hired from Völund’s Forge. And playing as the Snake clan, you can get this unit in the Skirmishers Camp. Finally, the Ox clan recruits Warchief from the Altar.

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While most of the time you have one Warchief, it still doesn’t count as one of the population. Also for this unit, you do not need wood and food.

  • In the Goat clan, the Warchief is named Halvard.
  • In the Deer clan, you can hire the Warchief Brand.
  • As it was said above, there are two such units in the Horse clan – these are Eitria and Brok.
  • In the Snake clan, this unit is named Signy.
  • As for the Bear clan, you can get Svarn.
  • Finally, the Lynx Warchief clan is called Mielikki.

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How to Get Warchief in Northgard


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