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How to Get Wagon Wheels in Palia

How to Get Wagon Wheels in Palia
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Wondering how to obtain Wagon Wheels in Palia? The new life simulation MMORPG offers a wide variety of items, ranging from junk to treasure. Many of the items you discover throughout the world of Palia can also be gifted to NPCs to improve your friendship with them. A Wagon Wheel is one of the items you can gift to NPCs in Palia.

If you’re aiming to enhance your friendship with Jina or Nai’O, the Wagon Wheel is one of the few items they desire in Palia. In this guide, we will tell you how to get Wagon Wheels in Palia.

Palia Wagon Wheel Guide

How to get Fishing rod
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The Wagon Wheel is a junk item obtainable through fishing in Palia. Fishing is one of the primary skills unlocked by speaking to Einer in the fishing shack. Once you’ve settled into your plot, Einer will send a fishing rod to your mailbox. After receiving the mail, proceed to Fisherman’s Lagoon and talk to Einer to learn about fishing.

Caught Wagon Wheel
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Fishing along the northern river of Kilima Village stands out as one of the best ways to acquire Wagon Wheels in Palia. Despite being a junk item, the Wagon Wheel is a rather rare catch while fishing. It took me about 15 minutes to secure my first Wagon Wheel. However, I might have simply been unlucky. Some players have reported obtaining a Wagon Wheel on their initial attempt, but luck plays a significant role.

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Apart from Kilima Village, you can also fish for Wagon Wheels in Fisherman’s Lagoon, Phoenix Falls, and Whispering Banks. As bait isn’t necessary for Wagon Wheels, feel free to keep trying your luck until you obtain one. Once you have a Wagon Wheel, you can gift it to Jina or Nai’O as part of their weekly gifts.

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How to Get Wagon Wheels in Palia