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Best Crop to Make Money in Palia

Best Crop to Make Money in Palia
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Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes—there are plenty of veggies to be had in Palia! There are tons of different crops to grow and nurture in Palia, each with its own value, depending on how hard they are to grow. If your soil is rich, you have a chance for your crops to be of higher quality, which increases their worth. There are a lot of factors to consider when going for the most profitable crop, so here is the best crop to make money in Palia.

The best crops to plant for money in Palia

To help you visualize the value of each crop, we have created this handy dandy table that shows each crop’s seed prices, growing time, and normal and star quality values. The seed prices are taken from Zeki’s General Store.

CropSeed priceSell ValueGrowing Time
Carrot1523 (★34)3 days
Onion2030 (★45)4 days
Potato4045 (★67)5 days
Tomato8023 (★34)4 days
Wheat2533 (★49)4 days
Cotton4045 (★67)5 days
Rice2327 (★33)3 days
Blueberry45 medals39 (★58)9 days
Apple280 medals64 (★96)12 days
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So, if we were to take these numbers at face value, you’d think the Apple was the most valuable crop since one of them sells for either 64 or 96 gold. The only problem with this is that Apples take a whopping 12 days to fully mature, so they’re very inefficient, time-wise. On top of that, you unlock them very late into your gardening profession.

Now, if you’re a casual player and don’t mind waiting those times, the Apples are a perfectly fine investment. But, if you want to get rich quickly using crops, we’ll have to go with more time-efficient options. Here are your best options:

  • Carrots take 3 days and sell for 34 gold at star quality.
  • Wheat takes 4 days and sells for 49 gold at star quality.
  • Both Potatoes and Cotton take 5 days and sell for 67 gold at star quality.

If you haven’t already, make sure to invest in a Seed Collector as soon as you can if you’re serious about earning lots of gold off of gardening. You can place star-quality crops into a Seed Collector, and it spits out star-quality seeds, which ensures that eventually, all your harvests become star-quality.

Looking for more gardening tips? Be sure to check out our dedicated guide section for Palia.

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Best Crop to Make Money in Palia