How to Get Vampire Cure in the Sims 4


Those who love playing the Sims 4 know for sure that it is possible to become immortal if you become a vampire. However, in the game, it is considered to be a curse. That is the reason why your vampire Sim may get a desire to stop being a vampire and become a human instead. In this case, the character will be getting older and die; however, if this desire arises, you will need to know how to get a vampire cure in the Sims 4.

In case you are interested in how to complete this and get the needed vampire cure, keep reading the guide!

Getting Vampire Cure in the Sims 4

To stop being a vampire, the character will need to think of becoming an excellent Vampire Lore expert. As soon as you gain Level 15 in the Lore skill, the opportunity to make the desired Ultimate Vampire Cure be unlocked. There is a list of everything necessary for the cocktail: 10 garlic, 10 wolfsbanes, 10 plasma fruit, and two-and-a-half grand in cash. If you lack a green thumb, buy the plants from a computer by a Sim with Vampire Lore at Level 8 or more.

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Anyone with the required skills and ingredients is able to mix the Ultimate Vampire Cure.

So, you need to drink the created mixture with no postponing, and while the light will be glowing, the Sim will become human. While being a vampire, you were powerful in some things and weak in the others. All of these will not be available to you any longer. From now on, your character is mortal again.

In case your character regrets their choice, search for any vampire and repeat the process of being turned into the vampire once again.

Now you know how to get the desired vampire cure in the game Sims 4. Follow the instructions to reach the needed goal. Enjoy playing the game, turning into a vampire and back, and have fun!

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How to Get Vampire Cure in the Sims 4


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