How to Get Uncharted Treasure Map in Fortnite Mobile

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Wondering where to find the Uncharted treasure map in Fortnite’s newest collaboration? Well, this is the guide for you then. Read on ahead to find out the details!

How to Find the Uncharted Treasure Map in Fortnite

The Uncharted treasure map isn’t found in any specific location. Rather, the treasure maps can now be found as a part of the game’s regular loot pool, which means that you will find it in each match randomly inside chests, in supply drops, and in floor loot.

Make sure you have at least one slot in your inventory free so that you can carry the Uncharted treasure map along with you.

How to Use The Uncharted Treasure Map?

If you’ve found yourself one of the Uncharted treasure maps, all you need to do is select it from your inventory, which will cause it to create a dotted line which will lead you to the location where you can collect your treasure.

If you look up in the sky, you will also notice a shining, large beam of light reaching into the sky. The part where it touches the ground is where your treasure is buried, which is also where the dotted line will lead you to.

Continue on and follow the directions from the map and the dotted line until you reach the X mark, which is where the treasure is buried. Now, all you have to do is hit the area over and over until you finally uncover a glowing chest. Search it to receive a variety of amazing loot!

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How to Get Uncharted Treasure Map in Fortnite Mobile


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