Home Guides How to Get Ultra Cores in Marvel Strike Force – Tips and Tricks

How to Get Ultra Cores in Marvel Strike Force – Tips and Tricks

How to Get Ultra Cores in Marvel Strike Force – Tips and Tricks
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Marvel Strike Force has two primary currencies – Gold and Power Cores. While players already know how to obtain both of those, things with the relatively new Ultra Cores aren’t as simple.

Gold and Power Cores have been around practically since the start of Marvel Strike Force. On the other hand, Ultra Cores are a relatively new addition, being introduced in March 2023.

Of course, this means there are plenty of unknowns about the new currency, particularly in terms of how to get it. That’s precisely what we’ll explain here, as well as go deeper into what Ultra Cores are and how to use them in Marvel Strike Force.

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Where Can You Get Ultra Cores in Marvel Strike Force?

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Unlike other in-game currencies, Ultra Cores can’t be obtained through regular gameplay. So far, there have been no events or milestones that awarded this currency. A rare instance where players could get Ultra Cores was a giveaway of 50 pieces in March 2023 to promote them.

Since then, the only way to get Ultra Cores in Marvel Strike Force was by purchasing bundles. Furthermore, these bundles aren’t available through the game’s app. Instead, they’re exclusive to the MSF website. This means that you’ll need to register with your Scopely or Facebook account to gain access to Ultra Cores.

What Are Ultra Cores?

Ultra Cores are a currency in Marvel Strike Force that can be used instead of money. In other words, wherever you see an offer that you can buy for real-life money, you’ll likely be able to purchase it with Ultra Cores. Note that you’ll need to get to Commander Level 11 to see Ultra Core offers.

Are Ultra Cores Necessary?

When Ultra Cores were introduced in Marvel Strike Force, some players feared the new currency would be used to create paywalls for specific content. As it turned out, the purpose of Ultra Cores was much less sinister, representing merely an alternative to monetary transactions. In other words, no content is locked behind Ultra Cores and the primary reason you’d want to use them is for convenience and milestone progress.

The convenience part is pretty straightforward. You can buy a bundle of Ultra Cores once and spend less time confirming your payment details. Likewise, Ultra Core purchases grant progress toward the Bang for your Buck milestone. Why is this convenient? Ultra Core store offers and the milestone are available through the MSF website. In other words, you don’t need to jump between the site and the game to pick up milestone rewards.

The Bang for your Buck milestone might be worth your while, especially if you’re struggling with gear. From Milestone 3, you can earn Armory 16 orb fragments (among other rewards), and the very next tier gives you Armory 17 fragments. Naturally, the rewards get juicier the further down you go, so pursuing this milestone through Ultra Cores might be a good idea.

In conclusion, there are no tips and tricks to get Ultra Cores in Marvel Strike Force. However, the game included various promotions and special offers before, and it’s entirely possible some future events will include Ultra Core giveaways. At the least, an alternative way to earn small quantities of Ultra Cores doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

One thing is certain: Whenever Ultra Cores become available, we’ll be here to let you know. So stay tuned and follow our News articles to get the latest gaming and entertainment scoops!

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How to Get Ultra Cores in Marvel Strike Force – Tips and Tricks