How to Get Travoride in Warframe

Orb Vallis on Venus is one of three open-world locations in Warframe. There you can find different resources that you may use in crafting or improve your reputation with local syndicates. Mining is one of the best ways to get some reputation of Solaris United syndicate and this guide will tell you how to get one of the ores that is called Travoride. It is the main ingredient for Travocyte Alloy and one of the components that are needed to craft Adramal Alloy.

How to Obtain Travoride in Warframe

Travoride is one of the ores you can get in Orb Vallis on Venus. Ores drop from red mineral veins that you can find across the region. Most of them spawn in different caves, so you better seek for them. Once you found a red vein, you need to use an instrument for mining minerals. Currently, there are four of them:

Nosam Cutter – Cheap and fast instrument. It is the fastest in the game. However, standard Nosam Cutters are not able to mine rare gems. Also, they are very unstable and it is difficult to mine many minerals with them. You can get it from Ostron named Suumbaat that is located on the Cetus market. It is available from the Ostron syndicate Rank 0: Neutral.

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Focused Nosam Cutter – Slower but more stable version of mining instrument. It has a better mineral detector but is still unable to mine rare gems. You can buy it from Suumbaat on Rank 2: Visitor.

Advanced Nosam Cutter – The slower but most stable among all instruments. It has the best mineral detector and can mine rare gems on the Plains of Eidolon and Cambion Drift. You can buy it from Suumbaat on Rank 4: Surah.

Sunpoint Plasma Drill – The same as Advanced Nosam Cutter but with few additional features. It can mine rare gems anywhere and has two Widget upgrades. You can buy it from Solaris named Smokefinger. He lives on Fortuna and is able to sell you the drill on Solaris United syndicate Rank 0: Neutral. This fact makes all other instruments pointless, as Plasma Drill has the same availability as standard Nosam Cutter, and it has better functionality than Advanced Nosam Cutter.

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