How to Get Traded in MLB: The Show 2022

MLB: The Show 2022

MLB: The Show 2022 is a great game for more than just a few reasons. Not only the game feels incredible to play, thanks to the great balance between simulation features and ease of play, but also the Road to the Show mode makes the whole experience very engaging, allowing you to start your own baseball career.

In the Road to the Show, you truly are in control of your career. Starting from the Minor League, you will eventually move into Major League Baseball and become able to get traded and join your favorite team.

Here’s how to get traded in MLB: The Show 2022.

How to Get Traded in MLB: The Show 2022

Getting traded in MLB: The Show 2022 isn’t particularly complicated, but it requires you to consistently do well in games to increase your chances of joining another team.

Your starting team in the Minor League will be decided by the answers you give your agent at the start of the Road to the Show mode. If you want to switch teams, however, you will be able to do so by taking advantage of one of the conversations you can have with your agent after you have played a few games.

During these conversations, your agent will ask you how things are going, and if you answer that things could be better, you will be able to make it known that you want to change teams. If there are any possibilities of this happening, the agent will then tell you.

To increase your chances of getting traded, you will need to do well in games in the Road to the Show mode. The higher-rated you are, the more likely it is that you will get traded, so always make sure to play your best, even if you are unhappy with the team you are currently part of.

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How to Get Traded in MLB: The Show 2022


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