How to Get Tornado Hero in Jungle Heat


The latest update brought to us by the Jungle Heat team and which just went live for the iPhone and iPad managed to spark quite some controversy with the introduction of the Tornado hero to the game. Many people are trying to find out how to get Tornado in Jungle Heat, and once they do, they are disappointed.

In order to get the Tornado hero in Jungle Heat, one must convince 20 of his friends to play the game on Facebook. So yes, you don’t need to just have 20 friends playing the game, you need to bring in 20 new players to the game. Which is pretty ridiculous and clearly just a marketing ploy from the developers to bring new players to the game.

But is there an easy way to get the Tornado hero in Jungle Heat? First of all, before sending in any invite, make sure that your Jungle Heat game is properly linked with your Facebook account, otherwise the new players won’t be counted. Afterwards, simply send some invites to your Facebook friends – maybe some of them will be curious enough to try out the game and if they do, you will get credit for that. But still, you will probably not get 20 new players.

Here is what to do to unlock Tornado after doing everything possible:

– invite your girlfriend / boyfriend / siblings and family and close friends: simply tell them that they just have to accept your invite, install the game and bind it to their Facebook account, then they can delete it.

– create fake accounts. If these two methods still don’t give you all the players that you need to unlock Tornado in Jungle Heat, go the “FarmVille way” and create multiple accounts on Facebook until you reach the requirement. Have in mind that neither Facebook, nor the developers of the game like that so it’s pretty risky, so only do it as a last resort thing.

And this is how you get the Tornado hero in the game. Did you manage to unlock it or you’re still struggling to meet these difficult requirements?

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How to Get Tornado Hero in Jungle Heat



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