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How to get the Tree Sap Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

How to get the Tree Sap Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

We hope you’re ready for a challenge, because the Tree Sap Marker in Roblox‘s Find the Markers is perhaps one of the hardest Markers to get. You have to go through a very difficult obstacle course (or obby) to get it, so in today’s guide we’ll show you how to get the Tree Sap Marker!

How to get the Tree Sap Marker in Find the Markers

You’ll want to head to the forest biome, which is pretty close to the central spawn point for all new players in Find the Marker. There’s a specific tree you want to find—it has a slightly darker spot on one of its sides. You can jump in this spot, and you’ll drop to a secret area.

You’ll be in a cramped tunnel with rivers of tree sap. Touching any tree sap will immediately kill you, so you’ll need to jump across the rocks and mushrooms to get through this first part of the obby safely.

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Once you clear the tunnel, you’ll end up in a large chamber with a rotating bridge in the middle. Wait until the bridge is close, then hop on. You’ll need to jump over some sap as the bridge rotates, and once it’s about to complete a full rotation, there is an opening near the center that lets you climb upwards.

This part is precarious, so you might want to disable run for now so that you can time your jumps better. You’ll need to carefully make your way across thin pipes while jumping over the small globs of sap. There’s no rush here, so study your jumps and take your time. Eventually you’ll wind around and reach another ladder up, bringing you to the final zone.

This is the final obstacle before the Tree Sap Marker, so don’t give up now! At the very beginning, there is a ladder inside the wall, so you’ll need to move into it while gently inching along the wall to reach the vine. Carefully walk across the vines, jump over a rotating sap bridge, and you’re there! There’s a fake floor before the Tree Sap Marker that drops you into death, but it just respawns you right before it anyways, so don’t worry about falling into it.

Congratulations! You’ve acquired one of the hardest Markers to get in Find the Markers. If you have any other tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!

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How to get the Tree Sap Marker in Roblox Find the Markers


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