How to Get the Tiger in Roblox Find the Animals

How to Get the Tiger in Roblox Find the Animals

If you love collectible games and love different animals, then Find the Animals – is a game for you. The game has a lot of cute animals that you can find and add to your collection. But to get each animal, you need to go through a small quest, and today we will tell you about what needs to be done to get the Tiger.

How to Get the Tiger in Roblox Find the Animals

Getting a tiger is quite difficult, since the quest to get it includes several stages, which we will now tell you.

To start the task, you need to go to the jungle biome. Standing on the start gaming platform, you should see a red hangar in front of you. Go around it on the left side and go through the tent city. Next, cross the bridge that leads to the jungle biome.

To get the Tiger, you need to click on four buttons located in different places on the map:

  • You need to approach the bamboo on the right and use it to climb to the very top, and then jump onto the wall. In a small recess on the right, you find the first button.
  • Near the same bamboo, go a little further and turn the corner. You will see a passage through which you will enter the room. Wait until the floor starts to lift, so you can get to the top. Climbing to the top, you will find the second button.
  • In the right corner of the jungle biome, you will see a small rock. Climb onto it and go around to find the third button.
  • In the center of the location, you will see a large building. To find the fourth button, you need to jump onto the right ledge of this building.

After you have pressed all four buttons, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the building in the center of the biome.
  • The hatch in the center of the room will open, and you need to jump into it.
  • Go through parkour, after which Tiger will become part of your collection.

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How to Get the Tiger in Roblox Find the Animals


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