Soul Knight is loaded with interesting weapons. You can gather items, forge weapons, and use them against nasty bosses. Rare weapons

The Staff of Anubis is a legendary item that can toss three stones at once. But don’t let this feature excite you. Powerful weapons often come with a catch (more on this below). To make efficient use of the Anubis Staff, read the tips below.

Now, to put together a Staff of Anubis, you need to collect 14 pieces of timber, two orange magic fragments, and a red magic fragment.

Soul Knight: Some Tips for Staff of Anubis

The Staff of Anubis turns weaker enemies into even weaker creatures. For instance, the staff can turn regular-schmegular enemies into frogs or handgun mummies.

When used against champion enemies, the staff turns them into champion frogs or champion handgun mummies.

The staff deals no damage to the bosses directly. So for boss battles, the staff can be used to weaken the enemies and eliminate distractions quickly.

Note that enemies that have been transformed once cannot be transformed again.

To make your staff more effective, combine it with buffs like the bounce buff, shotgun buff, or something that suits your strategy.

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