How to Get the Skull Fossil in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

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Finding all the Pokemon in a region and completing your Pokedex is a long, arduous, and complex task that requires a lot of exploration and dedication. There are hundreds of different Pokemon to capture, each with various ways to capture them.

One variant of Pokemon is called Fossil Pokemon. These are ancient Pokemon that have gone extinct and cannot be found naturally in the wild anymore. The only way to get them is to find their corresponding fossils and revive them at a fossil specialist, giving them new life.

One of these fossils in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is the Skull Fossil. If you have been wondering how to get the Skull Fossil in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, then just continue reading this guide.

Where to Find the Skull Fossil in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

The Skull Fossil is a relatively rare item to find in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, as it is only available through one area: the Grand Underground. You need to find a spot along the walls of the Grand Underground and begin the digging mini-game.

Carefully check what the item is by using your pickaxe to slowly pick away at the wall, and move on to another space if it isn’t a Skull Fossil. After mining for long enough, you are bound to dig up a Skull Fossil.

You need to then take the Skull Fossil to the man at the front desk in the Oreburgh Mining Museum to have him revive it into a Cranidos!

The Skull Fossil is a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond exclusive, and cannot be found in Pokemon Shining Pearl.

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How to Get the Skull Fossil in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond


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