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How to Get the Secret Ending in Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Secret Ending in Sons of the Forest
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Son of the Forest is a brand new survival horror game from developer Endnight Games, the same creators who developed The Forest. The team’s latest survival horror title takes place in a mysterious and dangerous forest where players must (as usual) explore and survive in a hostile environment that’s filled with terrifying creatures and otherworldly monstrosities.

Although Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival experience, it does, like many other open-world games, have multiple endings that players can choose. The game’s story is captivating, and despite its limitless nature, players can complete the game in no time. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to get the secret ending in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get the Secret Ending in Sons of the Forest

There are three possible endings in the game: The Bad, The Good and The Secret Ending.

Sons of the Forest-TTP

To get any of these endings, you must first collect the Maintenance Keycard as well as the VIP Keycard, then go over to the bunker in the south and enter the mysterious cube. This will now take you to a safety cube, where you will not encounter the same fate as other monstrosities on the island.

After a while, you’ll wake up and then you’ll be prompted to choose the ending you wish to go with. So if you want the game’s secret third ending, go with the forest ending.

The secret ending requires a fair amount of preparation and extensive exploration time. First, you’ll need to get Virginia as a companion and keep Kelvin alive throughout the game. Then, when you get to the end of the game (in the helicopter scene), enter the helicopter. Your companions will board it with you.

This way you save everyone, and you’ll be given the Keep Your Friends Close achievement. And due to the process of getting to this point, this ending is regarded as the game’s secret ending. So be sure to get Virginia as a companion and ultimately try to keep Kelvin alive.

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How to Get the Secret Ending in Sons of the Forest


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