How to Get the Rainbow Piggy in Roblox Find the Piggy Morphs


Roblox is an amazing multiplayer platform. People all over the world play Roblox games and also create new ones. And although there is a huge variety of genres of these games, some are especially popular. For example, Roblox Find the Piggy Morphs is a collectible game in which players have to explore different locations and solve puzzles to collect collectibles. In the case of this game, players must collect various Piggy Morphs. And some of them are very well hidden. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get Rainbow Piggy.

How to Get the Rainbow Piggy

As you probably already know, various Piggy Morphs can be hidden in a conspicuous place, or maybe in a hard-to-reach place. However, this is why these games are so popular. After all, players are making every effort to collect a complete collection of all items. In addition, games are constantly updated with new content, so players will always have something to look for.

And so, to get Rainbow Piggy, you do not need to fulfill any conditions or solve complex puzzles. All you need to know is where this Piggy Morphs is hidden. First, teleport to a new location called the Alley. You will find yourself between two buildings made of red brick. You need to go to the yellow building which is nearby.

Then go around the yellow building on the left and find the dumpster. Next, you need to jump onto the dumpster, and then onto the ledge of the yellow building. Now you need to act carefully so as not to fall. Follow this ledge to the left and then forward.

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Also, don’t try to go around the columns from the outside, otherwise, you will fall. Instead, snuggle up close to the wall, and you’ll be able to pass through unhindered. When you get to the next corner of the building, a message will appear in front of you stating that you can pick up a Rainbow Piggy.

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How to Get the Rainbow Piggy in Roblox Find the Piggy Morphs


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