How to Get the Flash Piggy in Roblox Find the Piggy Morphs

How to Get the Evil Piggy in Roblox Find the Piggy Morphs

Find the Piggy Morphs is a collectible Roblox horror game in which you have to collect unique pigs. More than 100 pigs are already available in the game, and with each update, there are more and more of them. To collect them all, you will need to put in a lot of effort, as the methods for getting each new pig are different. In our article, we will tell you about Flash Piggy and how to get it.

How to Get the Flash Piggy in Roblox Find the Piggy Morphs

If we compare Flash Piggy with other pigs in the game, then we can say that it looks quite simple. This is the most common pig, with the only difference being that she wears the Flash superhero costume.

Getting Flash Piggy is very easy, and here is what you need to do to get it:

  • Start the game Find the Piggy Morphs and teleport to the Carnival location.
  • As soon as you appear in a new location, you need to turn 180 degrees and approach the metal fence.
  • After that, go around the left corner and use the garbage cans to jump onto the fence.
  • Once you jump, turn left and keep moving forward until you hit a higher fence.
  • You need to jump on that fence, then turn right and go to the very outskirts of the map.
  • Next, not jumping off the fence, you need to move along the outskirts of the map.
  • Once you get to the corner of the map, jump off the fence.
  • Here you will see a small lightning bolt, and as soon as you take it, the Flash Piggy character will be automatically unlocked.

Although Flash Piggy is not the most interesting character, you should get it sooner or later to collect all the pigs in the game in your collection.

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How to Get the Flash Piggy in Roblox Find the Piggy Morphs


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