How To Get The Question and Exclamation Form Unown in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

the trainer standing on top of the solaceon ruins in pokemon brilliant diamond

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If you were able to get all 26 forms of Unown inside the Solaceon Ruins, there’s a surprise for you—there are two additional forms of Unown in the game. However, they’re not in the area where you get the first forms. Fortunately, it’s a very straightforward process to get them.

How To Get To The Tunnel

First, you need to make sure you have caught every form of Unown available in order to unlock the area where the bonus forms are. Once you’ve done that, you need to actually leave the area and go to Veilstone City. Go south towards route 214, exiting the city limits. Walk straight down and you will see the opening to a cave.

The trainer talking to the digging man in pokemon brilliant diamond

Inside, there is a man who will challenge you to a race inside the tunnel. The reason you need every form of Unown for this is due to the fact that the more of them you have, the deeper the cave will be. When you have 26, the digging man will have carved out the entire tunnel, unearthing a new area. Here in this room, you will find the Exclamation form Unown and the Question form one. Proceed towards the south exit of the room and you will find yourself with a nice birdseye view of the ruins.

How To Get The Bonus Prize

As a bonus, you can visit someone from the Ruins to get some ball capsules afterward. If you didn’t chat with the NPC boy inside the Ruins (he goes home after you speak to him), make sure to go do that.

Go back to Solaceon and towards the path of the Ruins, and then hop down the second set of cliffs this time. You will come to the boy’s house, and he will give you some ball capsules for showing him your Unown forms.

This is how to get the last two Unown forms! Now you have a complete collection of them you can show off.

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How To Get The Question and Exclamation Form Unown in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


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