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It's pretty odd, not gonna lie.

Every Generation of Pokemon has some cool-ass Pokemon that every trainer wants to have on their team. The original Generation IV games did exactly this with the release of Ghost / Dark type Pokemon, Spiritomb.

Not only did it not possess any weaknesses at the time due to the absence of the Fairy type, it also had an eerie backstory, and looked super cool! Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl brought the undead Keystone back for more, and to get it for yourself, you’ll need to find the Odd Keystone first.

If you want to know exactly how to get the Odd Keystone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, then this guide is for you!

Where to Find the Odd Keystone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The Odd Keystone can be found in three different ways in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. We will list these methods in descending order of efficiency, the first method being the best, and the last method being the least efficient.

Route 208

The easiest way to nab an Odd Keystone for yourself is to head to Route 208, and go towards the bottom-right of the Honey Tree and talk to an NPC hidden by a couple of trees, who will hand you an Odd Keystone.

Twinleaf Town

To get the Odd Keystone from Twinleaf Town, you will need to get their your gym badge to get the ability to Surf. Then, you need fly to Twinleaf Town and surf in the body of water towards the bottom of the city. Head to the bottom-left corner f the lake and check the tree on the left to receive an Odd Keystone.

Grand Underground

The final method to get an Odd Keystone is by mining in the Grand Underground. How quick you get one through mining depends solely on your luck, as finding an Odd Keystone through mining has quite the low odds.

If you want to know where to use the Odd Keystone, and how to activate it at the Hallowed Tower, you can check out the guide here!

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