Table Saw is one of the items in Merge Mansion that you need to renovate the Rufus Park area of the game. You need the said item for many reasons. However, many players don’t know how to get the Merge Mansion Table Saw?

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To help players out, we have prepared a handy guide that shares details on how you can get Table Saw in Merge Mansion while sharing details on how you can unlock the Rufus Park area and complete its different Tasks. 

How to Get the Merge Mansion Table Saw

You can get a Table Saw by progressing the Tasks you get after unlocking the Rufus Park in Merge Mansion. 

To be exact, while progressing through the Rufus Park tasks, you will get to a point where you are asked to “Dig out dirty paving.” You can complete this Task using Crowbar (L7) and two Gardening Gloves (L3). Once you complete the said Task, you will get the Table Saw for free. 

How to Unlock Rufus Park in Merge Mansion

The Rufus Park is the newest area added to Merge Mansion. You can unlock it when you reach Level 30.

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It is the 19th area that opens up in the game when you meet the said level requirement. 

Rufus Park Task List and How to Complete

Below you can find the complete list of Tasks that you have to complete to get the Table Saw item.

Task LevelTask NameRequirement to Unlock TaskUnlocksItems You Need For Completing the TaskRewards
19-1Remove leaves and dead bushLevel 3019-2Knife (L6),
Gardening Gloves (L3)
5 XP
19-2Cut fallen tree19-119-3Axe (L4)5 XP
Bronze Coin Chest
19-3Remove rocks19-219-4Hammer (L6),
Gardening Gloves (L3)
10 XP
19-4Remove mole hills19-319-5Dustpan (L7),
Spade (L5)
20 XP
Energy Chest
19-5Remove overgrown bushes19-419-6Leaf Rake (L7)5 XP
19-6Remove tile pile19-519-7
Crowbar (L7),
Gardening Gloves (L3)
10 XP
19-7Remove churns and leaves19-619-8Wheelbarrow (L9)10 XP
Brown Chest (L1)
19-8Remove corner leaves and bush19-719-9Empty Seed Bag (L1),
Pruning Shears (L3)
5 XP
19-9Cut down dry tree19-819-10Saw (L10),
2x Gardening Gloves (L3)
30 XP
Wood (L4)
19-10Cut down elm tree19-919-153x Axe (L4)5 XP
Tree (L4)
19-11Remove broken vase pieces19-619-12Mop (L9)40 XP
Fancy Blue Chest (L1)
19-12Remove overgrown bushes19-1119-13Knife (L6)5 XP
19-13Remove shed dirty cover19-1219-14Duster (L8)30 XP
19-14Disassemble broken shed19-1319-15Bolt Cutters (L10)30 XP
Booster Box (L3)
19-15Dig out dirty paving19-10
19-16Crowbar (L7),
2x Gardening Gloves (L3)
10 XP
Table Saw
Table Via Merge Mansion Fandom

Merge Mansion is a puzzle game currently available on Android and iOS platforms. 

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How to Get the Merge Mansion Table Saw


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