The Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep is a quest item in Genshin Impact that players need to access the newly introduced area, Enkanomiya. Using the said item, you can take on the quest that will lead you to Enkanomiya. 

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While Enkanomiya will get added to Genshin Impact with version 2.4 “Fleeting Colors in Flight” update—you can obtain the Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep item right now, granted you have access to Watatsumi Island of Inazuma region. 

In this Genshin Impact guide, we will share details on how you can get the Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep.

How to Get Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep

In Genshin Impact, you can get the Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep by completing the Moon-Bathed Deep Questline. 

As soon as you complete the last world quest, Heart of Watatsumi, in the Moon-Bathed Deep questline, you will get the Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep—which is nothing but a drop of blood of an ancient Watatsumi Omikami. 

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Once you have the Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep, you can open the path to the floating island, Enkanomiya. 

You can take the Moon-Bathed Deep world quest from the NPC Tsuyuko, whom you will find North of the Mouun Shrine on Watatsumi Island. 

Below you will find every quest under the Moon-Bathed Deep questline listed. It will help you keep track of the progression.

  • The Moon-Bathed Deep
  • Eye of Watatsumi
  • Fang of Watatsumi
  • Fin of Watatsumi
  • Tail of Watatsumi
  • Heart of Watatsumi

That’s it for now. Make sure to check out our coverage on the Genshin Impact version 2.4 update.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS.

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How to Get The Key of The Moon-Bathed Deep in Genshin Impact


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