Palia Glider Guide

How to Get the Glider In Palia

Here's a guide on how to get the Glider in Palia.

The Glider is a tool in Palia that adds a lot of mobility to your gameplay, as you can move around the game map much faster than on foot. It also lessens the use of fast travel in the game, which costs a ton of gold. So, if you are playing Palia, you must know how to get the Glider quickly during the early game. 

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How to Get the Glider In Palia

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In Palia, you can get the Glider by completing the quest called Like a Bird which you can take from the NPC named Najuma, located in Bahari Bay. During the said quest, Najuma will ask you to collect the materials required to craft the Glider. These are:

  • Sapwood Planks (3)
  • Fabric (2)
  • Leather (5)

Once you have the required materials, you can return to Najuma and complete the quest while crafting yourself a Glider. 

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Note: If you don’t find Najuma in Bahari Bay or any other location, complete the Ancient Battery quest first. 

How to Get Sapwood Planks in Palia 

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You can process the wooden logs you can obtain from cutting down trees in the Basic Sawmill building to get the Sapwood Planks. 

How to Get Fabric in Palia 

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To get Fabric in Palia, first craft and place the Loom. Once that is done, purchase some Cotton seeds from Zeki and plant them in your housing area. Once they grow, use them to craft Fabric using the Loom. 

How to Get Leather in Palia

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Like Fabric, you can craft Leather in Palia using the Loom machine. But in this case, you need Sernuk Hide instead of Cotton, which you can obtain by killing Sernuk. 

That concludes our guide on how to get the Glider in Palia. Check out our dedicated Palia section for more on the game. 

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How to Get the Glider In Palia