How to Get the Frozen Sonic in Roblox Find the Sonic Morphs

How to Get the Spider Sonic in Roblox Find the Sonic Morphs

On Roblox servers, you can find an incredible variety of collectible games, among which everyone can find something to their liking. Some like to look for and collect pigs, others like pandas, but someone to collect characters from the Sonic universe.

If you’re a Sonic fan, then Find the Sonic Morphs is the game for you. In the game, you can collect many variations of Sonic, and today we will tell you how to get Frozen Sonic.

How to Get the Frozen Sonic in Roblox Find the Sonic Morphs

Frozen Sonic looks almost the same as the most ordinary Sonic the hedgehog, but with a slight difference. His entire body is covered in a thin layer of ice, giving his body a light blue tint instead of a bright blue.

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Getting Frozen Sonic is very easy, and here is what you need to do:

  • Open the list of locations and select Height, then teleport to it.
  • As soon as you teleport, approach the back wall.
  • Carefully approach the edge of the platform, then jump behind the wall. You will see a small wooden platform behind the wall. If you don’t succeed the first time, try again.
  • Landing on the wooden platform, you need to stand on the seventh or eighth board, depending on which side you jumped.
  • After that, carefully go to the very edge of the board and press the E key as soon as you see Get Frozen Sonic.

If you do everything right, you can get Frozen Sonic in your collection without any problem.

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How to Get the Frozen Sonic in Roblox Find the Sonic Morphs


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