How to Get the Flower Cat in Battle Cats

How to Get the Flower Cat in Battle Cats

There are many cats in the Battle Cats game that you can use in battles. Most cats can be unlocked by reaching a definite stage in the game and defeating certain enemies, but some can only be unlocked through specific methods. Such a cat is the Flower Cat, and today we will tell you how to get it.

How to Get the Flower Cat in Battle Cats

The Flower Cat is a special cat that can be unlocked and used at any stage of the game. Like most other cats, he has three stages of evolution and becomes more powerful at each new level.

To unlock the Flower Cat, you need to move the door handle in the shape of a cat’s paw several times. If you do everything right, Meow will notify you about this, and the Flower Cat character will appear in your collection of cats.

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We advise you to get the Flower Cat only as part of the collection since it does not have much play value. Perhaps he will be helpful in the early stages of the game and will be a good warrior against Black Cyclone and Razorback, as he has a 20% chance to freeze black enemies. Even though its attack speed is high and the cost is low in the rest of the game, you are unlikely to use it.

But despite all the disadvantages, in the initial game, he can be helpful, and he is also unbelievably cute, and this is more than enough reason to get him in your collection.

We hope that our article was helpful for you and now, when you have learned how to get a Flower Cat, you will do it, because, although this cat is weak, it deserves to be in your collection.

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How to Get the Flower Cat in Battle Cats


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