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How To Get The Dragon Patronus In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Get The Dragon Patronus In Hogwarts Legacy

Patronus is a necessary aspect of Hogwarts Legacy. And we finally know everything you might need about Patronus in the game nowadays. By reading this guide, you will find out how to get the Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Can You Get Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy?

Many players expected to see Patronus charms in Hogwarts Legacy, but the game does not include this system. It was confirmed on the WB Games Support Twitter account before the game’s release. The only hope is that they will add it since the game is still in the early access stages. Therefore, there is a slight chance that developers might add Patronus charms in the next updates.

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How to Get Dragon Patronus in Wizarding World

Even though you can not get Patronus charms in Hogwarts Legacy, they are presented in Wizarding World. You only need to complete a special Patronus Quiz of seven unique questions to get a personal Patronus.

Your answer to every question estimates which Patronus you will get in the result. Below is a list of answers to get Dragon Patronus in Wizarding World.

  • Question №1 – Glow
  • Question №2 – Rough
  • Question №3 – Around
  • Question №4 – Sometimes
  • Question №5 – Grey
  • Question №6 – Sharp
  • Question №7 – Jinx

The only problem here is that it might be pretty challenging to get all these answers in the particular order. Therefore, if you cannot get the desired options, you should dodge the question and wait until Wizarding World offers you the Patronus you need. If you do it two times in a row, the questions will reset, and you will start from the first one.

That’s it with getting The Dragon Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy. It is one of the rarest charms in the game that can make you stand out among other players. Be sure the efforts you put into getting it are worth the result. Also, we’ve created a guide on how to get Carmine Lightning Scarf in Hogwarts Legacy for you!

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How To Get The Dragon Patronus In Hogwarts Legacy


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