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How to Get Accio in Hogwarts Legacy – Spell Guide

How to Get Accio in Hogwarts Legacy – Spell Guide
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Spells are one of the essential aspects of Hogwarts Legacy. Some spells are necessary to progress through the storyline. The game teaches you the first spells at the beginning of missions. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get Accio in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Unlock Accio in Hogwarts Legacy

Even though you won’t get Accio during the first mission, you will unlock this spell pretty early. Accio is learned during the charms class. Professor Ronen will teach you how to cast Accio. 

Learning Accio is one of the most exciting processes in Hogwarts Legacy. You will do it during the funny minigame in which you should get balls as close to you as possible without dropping them on the ground. 

Take into account that you will unlock the primary level of Accio. If you want the best result with this spell, master your skills to reveal your full potential.

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How to Use Accio in Hogwarts Legacy

Accio is one of the most helpful spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Its primary purpose is to bring an object toward your character. However, there is one more effective usage for this spell. Accio is one of the best options to break the protection if your opponent has a violet shield. After that, you can deal tons of damage to vulnerable enemies.

That’s it with getting Accio in Hogwarts Legacy. This spell has an important role in the game and it is widely used for completing missions in the main storyline. Moreover, the ability to break violet shields in a few seconds allows Accio to be effective even during combat. Also, while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to get Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy as well as how to get Mallowsweet Leaves in the game.

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How to Get Accio in Hogwarts Legacy – Spell Guide


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