How to Get the Book in Prison Simulator

How to Get the Book in Prison Simulator

In this game, something is constantly lost. This time, the book was lost by a guy who could not find a telescopic baton before. This is hardly a coincidence. The guard is clearly a wally. But still, you need to help him this time as well. So, let’s find out where to find the book in Prison Simulator.

Where to Find the Book in Prison Simulator

The prison officer with this quest is always on the second floor of Block B, but loses things elsewhere. It is worth noting that the quest from him is optional and does not affect the final part. You can quit searching and calmly engage in story quests.

Still curious to find a book? Then there are two locations where you can get it.

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First, you can get it on the sports ground in the yard. The item lies right next to the bar and the guys proposing the conflict.

The second place is right on the table in the room, where the lever opens the cameras. Probably the guy read it while sitting on a chair and forgot about the book.

If you found the book elsewhere, write about it in the comments. Good luck!

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How to Get the Book in Prison Simulator


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