How to Get the Birds Tool Kit in Merge Mansion

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The Spring Holiday Event has arrived at Merge Mansion! Starting April 13th, players can get new special boosters and an exclusive Cherry Blossom Tree to decorate the mansion grounds. Players must be level 12 or higher to begin, and complete the first task to unlock the event board. Once the event is unlocked it can be accessed through the Spring Door in the Garage, or via the Spring Event icon on you main screen. The event will last for 2 weeks (14 days) from April 13th and during that time players collect Spring Holiday Points to gain exclusive rewards!

During the Spring Holiday Event new items and item generators appear including Spring Tool Barrel, Cherry Tree, Spring Toolbox, and Spring Picnic. The Birds Tool Kit appears when items from the Spring Tool Box are merged. Find out more below!

How to Get a Birds Tool Kit in Merge Mansion

Spring Tool Box merge mansion
Spring Tool Box in Merge Mansion

To create a Birds Tool Kit players will need to tap a Spring Tool Box and then merge Spring Tools to level 4 (Spring Spray). Spring Spray will drop one of 3 items: Flower Tool Kit, Picnic Tool Kit, Birds Tool Kit. If you do not gain a Birds Tool Kit at first, try again and it should eventually turn up.

Birds Tool Kit level1 merge mansion
Level 1 Birds Tool Kit in Merge Mansion

Birds Tool Kits are required to create Spring Birds such as Chicks or Owls. A Birds Tool Kit drops a level 1 Bird Box which are merged to create the Spring Birds.

Bird Box merge mansion
Level 1 Bird Box in Merge Mansion

The Bird Box is merged until it reaches level 3 when it drops a level 1 Spring Bird (Hatchling). Hatchlings are then merged to create a level 2 Chick, then a level 3 Owlet, and finally a level 4 Owl.

Bird Box level 3 merge mansion
Level 3 Bird Box in Merge Mansion

Good luck and Happy Spring Holiday!

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How to Get the Birds Tool Kit in Merge Mansion


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