Monster Hunter Rise

Every time a new Monster Hunter Rise update goes live, hunters all over the world get new content to play with. This is no different with the August 2021 update, which introduces a new layered armor that effectively allows players to turn their character into Akuma, one of the most popular characters of the Street Fighter series.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Akuma Layered Armor.

How to Get the Akuma Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

The Akuma Layered Armor is a new special Layered Armor that can be obtained via Crafting. To craft it, you will need to obtain the Satsui no Hado special material, which is handed out as a reward for completing the SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam quest. In this quest, you will have to take down a Rajang, which will also provide the remaining materials needed to craft the new Layered Armor.

Akuma Layered Armor Changes

Wearing the Akuma Layered Armor will turn your hunter into Akuma from the Street Fighter series, bringing some changes to the vanilla moveset. For starters, Akuma will be surrounded by a Red Aura if you unsheathe your weapon, helping you keep track of your weapon’s current state. Throwing Kunai will make Akuma throw a Hadouken, both on the ground and in the air.

A couple of Sword and Shield Switch Skills also change with the Akuma Layered Armor. Metsu Shoryukegi turns into the Goshoryuken attack, while Windmill Attack turns into Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.

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