How to Get Territe and Asterite in NI No Kuni: Cross World


Ni No Kuni Cross World is one of the newest crypto games. This game has something in common with Genshin Impact. In addition, you can earn money by playing the game. Therefore, this game might appear to be one of the most popular play-to-earn games in the long run. But here is the question: how to make money playing Ni No Kuni Cross World?

How to Get Money in NI No Kuni Cross World

Despite the crypto market’s suffering now, crypto games do not lose popularity. The main reason is that the coins you earn playing the game are not closely connected with the market. Mostly, their price depends on Bitcoin. If the Bitcoin price is high, these coins become more expensive. When the Bitcoin decreases, coins fall in price as well. 

Therefore, by playing those games you will not get a stable or even partial income. Also, you can only get cash from crypto games while those games are popular, and their coins are valuable. Mostly it is a short period. So, only a small percentage of players can get money from crypto games. 

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However, in Ni No Kuni Cross World, you still can get some funds. The game offers two crypto coins. The first is Territe. This coin you gain by playing the game in any mode. Territe can not be exchanged for real money. This coin is just in-game currency, used to get the second coin – Asterite. 

Asterite is the primary crypto coin in Ni No Kuni Cross World. You can exchange these coins for crypto tokens NKT and NKA. To earn Asterite you have to play PvP mode. Also, this coin is used to update your character.

So, to get some cash in Ni No Kuni Cross World, you need to play the game a lot. However, the money you will get doing it is not worth the time you spend on the game.

That is all. Hope you found our guide useful!  

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How to Get Territe and Asterite in NI No Kuni: Cross World


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