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How to Get Tech Points in Azur Lane – Tips & Guide

This is how you get tech points in Azur Lane.

In this article, we’ll give you all the tips you need to teach you how to get Tech Points in Azur Lane, so keep reading because we’ve got you covered!

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Azur Lane is a game that loves and rewards its most loyal players. The more you progress, the more things will open up for you in the game in the form of bonuses and such. One of the best bonuses in the game is tech points, a feature that allows your teams to grow just by you playing the game. It’s a passive feature that will be helpful without you directly doing too much. Earning those points is quite easy, as it is more time-consuming than labor-intensive. This is how to get tech points in Azur Lane.

How to Get Tech Points With Rare Ships in Azur Lane

Before we dive in, we also have a guide on how to increase affinity in Azur Lane, so make sure you also read that if you’re looking to increase your affinity with the crew!

If you’re a collector, this mechanic will especially benefit you. Basically, each time you pull a character, you’ll get points for adding them to your roster. The number of points you will get from each one will vary depending on certain factors.

  • Rare ships yield the most amount of points, specifically the ones in the heavy category since they cost more in currency to pull for. Once you pull a ship once, you cannot get points from their copies. The rule of thumb here pretty much is that the harder someone is to get, the more tech points they’re worth.

How to Limit Break Characters in Azur Lane

Limit breaking Long Island in Azur Lane.
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi

Even though copies of a ship do not have any point value by themselves, they are very important for increasing your count. Copies of a ship allow you to limit break them, which means going past their level cap to become stronger. Thanks to the umbrella of the tech points system, limit broken ships gain a special stat bonus that stays on them no matter what.

  • Limit breaking is very simple in the game. First, go to the dock and then choose the ship you want to alter. Tap on their icon.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see 5 descending buttons. Choose the one that says limit break.
  • In the new screen, there should be an empty square on the right side. Tap that to choose the copy you want to use for the process. Note that doing this requires the ship to be at a certain level along with a certain amount of currency.

How Limit Breaking Affects Ships in Azur Lane

With this system, the more characters you have limit broken, the more stats bonuses will be applied to other limit-broken ships in the same faction. It’s something you’ll boost up over time just by playing.

You can battle your way to glory with the powerful ship girls today in Azur Lane! Even after 5 years, the game is still going strong so there’s no time like the present to try it!

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How to Get Tech Points in Azur Lane – Tips & Guide