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Azur Lane Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Azur Lane Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Experience real-time action naval warfare in the palm of your hand! Azur Lane is a unique mix of a strategy game and an action shooter where you get to command warships… that are pretty girls?!

You heard right! All of the battleships in this game are based off of real world ships, but they’ve all been given an anime makeover. Our Azur Lane cheats and tips will show you how to become the ultimate commander!

Azur Lane is a pretty unique and charming game, and there’s lots to do as a commander of a new flotilla. Let’s get started with our Azur Lane cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Play through levels multiple times!

Azur Lane’s levels have multiple enemy fleets in a single instance, and you may not get around to destroying all of them. However this is a bit confusing as most of the time you are awarded the last star in the level which is to destroy all enemies.

The thing is, the second star in the level requires you to destroy a certain number of fleets. This might not happen on your first run through, so you will have to revisit the level and destroy more fleets.

While this sounds tedious, you should get in the habit of doing this. Upon getting all three stars on a level, you will receive free diamonds, the premium currency of the game. They’re rather hard to come by in Azur Lane, so you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Additionally, difficulty spikes come fast and hard in Azur Lane. Grinding previous levels is almost required due to how powerful the enemies get in between chapters, so if you ever find yourself suddenly wondering what happened to your fleet, go back and grind earlier levels!

Spend some time in the dorm!

Each girl has morale, which you can check by going into their details and looking for the little smiley icon at the top of the screen. Girls who have high morale – indicated by a sparkly green happy face – will receive an experience bonus in battle. The more you use a girl in battle, the lower their morale becomes.

At neutral morale, the girls will still fight but receive no bonuses. However, if you let their morale drop any lower than that, their base stats will decrease and their battle performance will take a hit. Don’t let this happen! Girls who are resting in the dorm will regenerate morale over time, so be sure to give them some vacation time!

As an added bonus, you can supply the dorm with food. This food drains over time, but all girls currently stationed in the dorm will receive experience over time. This is a great way to keep your girls trained even when you’re not actively playing the game.

Play through the Daily Raids!

Daily Raids are unlock upon progressing a bit through chapter 2. As the name implies, these special levels change every day and they feature different gameplay, so it’s always fun! You only have three entries upon a new day, so be sure not to let them go to waste.

Completing a Daily Raid is a great way to earn some gold if you’re short. Not only that, but depending on the Daily Raid you enter you can also earn equipment upgrades, skill books, equipment boxes, modules, and more! Bottom line is that Daily Raids are worth your time so don’t miss out!

Keep building for high rarity girls!

You’ll get Wisdom Cubes from completing missions, so don’t worry about running out – just keep building! Building more girls will expand your fleet and cover all your bases, but the main objective is to come out with an SSR girl. These girls are the best of the best, and they will be a permanent part of the team.

However, the chance of them appearing is pretty low, so you might not get so lucky. Even so, SR girls should do the trick for the time being. Once you’re in a good spot, you can stop the building and hang onto your Wisdom Cubes. Save them for a special construction event!

That’s all for Azur Lane! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Azur Lane Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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