As an open-world roleplaying experience on the Roblox platform, Critical Legends offers different classes that players can use and upgrade while exploring the ever-growing game map and the various activities offered in the game. Among many classes, we have Healers who can deal magic damage while healing themselves and teammates during battle to assist. The game offers four Tiers of Healers, and in this guide, we will explain how to get a T3 Healer in Critical Legends. 

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So, without any further ado, let us check our how you can get a Tier 3 Healer in Roblox Critical Legends. 

How to Get T3 Healer in Critical Legends

In Critical Legends, you can obtain a T3 Healer using Group Heal Scroll during fights. You can also use Self Heal Scroll on yourself to make your Healer a Tier 3. To get the T3 Healer, make sure you heal 300 HP if you use Self Heal Scroll and around 255 HP if you use Group Heal Scroll. Only then you will be able to make a T3 Healer. 

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Before making a Healer into T3, you must know how to get a T1 Healer. Well! Here’s the answer; you can get near the entrance ladder to the Snowy Caps. Now, to make your T1 Healer into T2 Healer, you must buy a T2 Core for 2500 Gold and use it while having your T1 Healer equipped. Doing so will put your Healer into the T2 category. 

After that, as mentioned earlier, use Group Heal Scroll or Self Heal Scroll to heal the required amount of HP to make your T2 Healer into a T3 Healer. 

That is it. This concludes our guide on how to get a T3 Healer in Critical Legends. For more on Roblox and other game guides, check out our dedicated Guides section. 

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How to Get T3 Healer in Critical Legends


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