New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap doesn’t feature the same online competitive play modes as the main entries in the series do, but it’s still possible to interact with other players and rise through the ranks to become the best Pokémon photographer in the world.

In the game’s online mode, players can also show appreciation of other people’s photos by awarding Sweet! Medals. Getting these medals is not exactly easy, as your photos may get ignored due to how many are getting uploaded daily, so you will have to work hard to earn all the Sweet! Medals you need to unlock some of the game’s Research Titles.

Here are some tips for getting Sweet!Medals in New Pokémon Snap.

How To Get Sweet!Medals In New Pokémon Snap

Sweet! Medals in New Pokémon Snap work pretty much as your typical social media like. Each player can award any shot from another player a Sweet! Medal, showing appreciation for their work.

Uploading regular snaps is unlikely to make you earn tons of Sweet! Medals. Try to take interesting photos of the Pokémon roaming the Lental region, and display as many unusual behaviors as you can. Editing the photos with frames and stickers is also a very good way to make your snaps stand out and receive those Sweet! Medals you need to unlock some Research Titles.

While it is difficult to pinpoint an exact method that will make you earn tons of Sweet! Medals, there is something that you should consider doing every now and then. Snaps that get a lot of medals get into the Trending section, and checking this section will give you an idea of what New Pokémon Snap players are currently liking. Try to tap into the trend and see if you can get a few likes: once any snap of yours starts receiving some Sweet! Medals, it will become featured in the Trending section as well, which should boost its visibility quite a bit, and help you get even more medals.

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