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How to Get Supreme Kai Stones in DBZ: Dokkan Battle

How to Get Supreme Kai Stones in DBZ: Dokkan Battle
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Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is one of the few Dragon Ball-themed games still going strong.

The game features several collectibles and in-game currencies, with Supreme Kai Stones being one of the most sought-after items as they give you access to valuable rewards.

If you’re wondering how to get Supreme Kai Stones in DBZ: Dokkan Battle, this is the guide for you.

Where to Find Supreme Kai Stones in DBZ: Dokkan Battle

Supreme Kai Stones in DBZ: Dokkan Battle are obtainable in Supreme Kai’s Trials, which are special missions in Quests. Every area in the game contains these special quests on Hard-Z or Super difficulty, and each quest brings a certain number of Supreme Kai Stones if you fulfill specific requirements when clearing each stage.

Those requirements usually have to do with clearing a stage without using a Support Item, with using a specific character on your team, or without using Continue. But there are other requirements too.

For example, the Master of Demon Realm Part 2 stage in Area 18 will require you to clear it with at least 5 characters that have the Link Skill Shocking Speed so that you can earn 4 Supreme Kai Stones.

How Many Supreme Kai Stones Are There in DBZ: Dokkan Battle?

You can collect a total of 558 Supreme Kai Stones by completing Supreme Kai’s Trials. Here’s the overview of how many Supreme Kai Stones you can get in each area with the total number of stages:

AreaNumber of StagesTotal Number of Supreme Kai Stones
Area 1: A Gloomy Parallel World521
Area 2: The Ultimate Life Form!522
Area 3: A Call to Arms847
Area 4: The Emperor’s Wrath840
Area 5: The Dreaded Ginyu Force1050
Area 6: The Androids Attack!1050
Area 7: Assault of the Saiyans!1050
Area 8: Merciless Frieza1050
Area 9: Arise, Saiyan Prince315
Area 10: Red Ribbon Machinations89
Area 11: Unknown Saiyans89
Area 12: Terror Returns89
Area 13: When Warriors Collide89
Area 14: The Ultimate Android89
Area 15: Distorted Destiny34
Area 16: Reunited813
Area 17: Frieza’s Menace!813
Area 18: The Epic Attack and Defense813
Area 19: Stop the Majin’s Revival813
Area 20: Plot of Darkness813
Area 21: Omen of Brutal Brawl36
Area 22: A New Threat817
Area 23: Stop Cell’s Perfect Form!817
Area 24: Ambitious Androids817
Area 25: Signs of Invasion817
Area 26: Demonic Technology817
Area 27: Taxing Endeavor38

Good luck with completing the trials and earning your Supreme Kai Stones. Remember to get strong units to help you clear these quests.

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How to Get Supreme Kai Stones in DBZ: Dokkan Battle



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