How to Get Supreme Clans for Free in Project Slayers Roblox


Project Slayers is a very interesting Roblox game where you need to participate in a war between humankind and demons. The game allows you to choose one of these sides and customize your character. A Clan is a very important part of your avatar and it is able to provide you with some additional skills. This guide will tell you how to get Supreme Clans for free in Roblox Project Slayers.

What are Supreme Clans in Roblox Project Slayers?

Roblox Project Slayers is a game where you need to create a character and customize it. The project allows you to side with demons or humans and chose one of a few combat styles. Also, your clan matters as well and it provides you with additional bonuses and abilities.

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Supreme Clans in Roblox Project Slayers are the rarest and the most valuable Clans in this game. Currently, there are two of them and they are called Kamado and Agatsuma. These Clans can be obtained from the Gacha. Also, there is a hint on how to get them for free.

How to Get Supreme Clans for Free in Roblox Project Slayers

In order to get Supreme Clans for free, you will have to get some free spins and use them. These can be obtained via redeeming special promo codes and you can find lots of them on the Internet. If you want to redeem them you will have to open the menu and click on the icon with a book. There you can enter these codes and get your rewards.

The developers provide players with new promo codes quite often and if you are lucky you will be able to get a Supreme Clan. Good luck in your further battles in Roblox Project Slayers!

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How to Get Supreme Clans for Free in Project Slayers Roblox


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