How to Get Superior Treasure in Battle Cats


There are lots of different strategy games that you can play on your mobile device, and one of the most interesting ones is known as Battle Cats. In this game, you will be able to command an army of cat units, and if you want to make these creatures stronger, you will have to obtain treasures. These are different upgrades that you can get in this game. The strongest type of treasures in this game is Superior Treasures and you may want to get them all. So, this guide will tell you how to obtain Superior Treasure in Battle Cats.

How to Obtain Superior Treasure in Battle Cats

There are lots of interesting things and mechanics that you can find in Battle Cats. In order to be able to defeat your opponents and complete difficult stages, you will have to upgrade your cat units, meaning you will need to collect treasures.

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Treasures in Battle Cats are special items that you can obtain on different stages. These things provide your units with upgrades, so you should try to get them all. When you complete a stage, you have a 35% chance to get a treasure. Here is the list of all treasures and chances to obtain them:

  • Inferior Treasure – 45%
  • Normal Treasure – 30%
  • Superior Treasure – 25%

If you want to get a Superior Treasure, you will need to complete any stage. Then you will have a 35% chance to obtain a treasure that has a 25% chance to become a Superior Treasure. However, if you have a non-superior treasure on a certain stage, the game won’t give you the same type of treasure or a worse type of treasure. So, the more you play a certain stage, the better your chance is to get a Superior Treasure.

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How to Get Superior Treasure in Battle Cats


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