Stench of the Dead is a key ingredient for brewing the Thunderbrew potion, which you can use the said potion in combat to damage and stun all enemies on a certain area in Hogwarts Legacy. It comes in handy while dealing with a group of enemies, as you get a decent window for unleashing attacks. 

As a result, many players want to craft and hoard the Thunderbrew potion. But they may fail to do so if they don’t know how to get Stench of the Dead. 

With that in mind, we prepared this handy guide about the different methods you can get the Stench of the Dead ingredient in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to get Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

You can get Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy by killing Inferi enemies, also known as Inferius. They are nothing but zombies that can be found in locations like the Cemetery. 

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Apart from that, you can also purchase Stench of the Dead from J. Pippin’s potions shop in Hogsmeade using gold coins. A single unit of Stench of the Dead will cost you 100 Gold, which is a lot, considering you can just get it as a guaranteed drop loot by farming Inferius. 

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

If you haven’t explored Hogwarts Legacy’s map and don’t know where to look for Inferi, don’t worry! We have an excellent location for you.

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Open your map and scroll towards the south until you find an area called Keenbridge. Teleport to it or move there on your own—on foot or using a Broom or Hippogriff. 

On the left side of Keenbridge town, you will find a Cemetery where a ton of Inferi spawns. To make things a little easier, you can see the exact location on the screenshot below. 

Screengrab Via Touch Tap Play | Credit: Hritwik

Make your way to the marked location and defeat the Inferi to obtain the Stench of the Dead. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to Get Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy


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