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How to Get Star Jelly in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Get Star Jelly in Cookie Run: Kingdom
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If you haven’t yet given Cookie Run: Kingdom a shot, you totally should! The casual action-adventure game is loaded with cookie characters, a cute storyline, and lots of adorable items.

Star Jellies are like XP and you need these to level up your Cookies. So, to level up faster, you will have to grab loads of Star Jellies.

Note that Star Jellies are of different levels. The levels range from 1 to 8 and they give varied EXP. A level-8 Star Jelly will upgrade your Cookie faster than a level-1 Star Jelly.

Here’s a brief rundown on how to get more Star Jellies.

Cookie Run Kingdom: How to Get EXP Star Jellies

The easiest way to get Star Jellies is by playing and completing levels. In Cookie Run Kingdom, you can play the same level multiple times and collect Star Jellies.

Star Jellies (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

Quests also reward Star Jellies when they’re done. However, unlike the levels, quests can only be played once. Moreover, some quests are harder than others. Nonetheless, this is one of the ways to get Star Jellies.

Star Jelly (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

Sometimes, Star Jellies are offered as free daily gifts. Other times, there are login rewards, event rewards, or rewards that end up in your mailbox. Although Star Jellies are frequently given out as rewards, these are not the surefire ways of getting them.

If you want Star Jellies here-and-now, then you will have to spend a little on the Mileage Shop. Purchasing bundles is another alternative. This is the easiest way to get some higher-level Star Jellies.

Cookie House (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

For farming Star Jellies, you can set up a bunch of Cookie Houses. Upgrading the houses will fasten the production of jellies. At the max level, a Cookie House can produce 191 level-1 Star Jellies within 8 hours.

Fountain of Abundance (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

Fountain of Abundance should be renamed as ‘Fountain of Rewards’. The fountain rolls out free rewards every once in a while. A higher-level fountain will deliver better rewards. Keep checking the Fountain of Abundance for your free rewards.

Angel’s Fountain (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

Similarly, players can collect Star Jellies from Angel’s Fountain, Tree of Wishes, Rainbow Shell Gallery, Spring Wisteria Bridge, Tower of Sweet Chaos, and a few more places.

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How to Get Star Jelly in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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