How to Get Stamina in The Walking Dead Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors

In The Walking Dead Survivors, the stamina system is presented in the game as bread. Generally, it recovers 1 per 8 minutes, up to 100. Here is a guide on how to get stamina faster.

Best Ways to Get Stamina in The Walking Dead Survivors

Stamina is probably the main resource in the game. To progress, you need a huge amount of bread. In this guide, there are some best ways to get stamina. Using them, you will definitely increase your resource income. So, let’s start.

Get Stamina from Events

The game has a huge number of different events. Mostly, they are consistent with simple quests, like finding 50 items by defeating Walkers. Completing it, you could get 5 Bread and other resources. Currently, there are a few events, so you’ll need to participate in them.

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Patching Up

Every time you patch up, it speeds up your stamina regeneration time. It requires a lot of resources, but works pretty well. At the fifth level, regeneration time increases by 35%.

Purchasing Bread with Real Money

This is definitely the simplest way to get stamina. Additionally, you will get other resources when you purchase a pack in the store. There are even stamina packs that are the best value for money.

In general, the game offers too little range of methods you can use to gain stamina. So, combine the previously described ways and you will get the best results.

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How to Get Stamina in The Walking Dead Survivors


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