How to Get Sprinter Jacket in Alo Sanctuary Roblox

How to Get Black G.O.A.T Jacket in Roblox Alo Sanctuary

In Roblox Alo Sanctuary you need to update your character as much as possible. One of the most essential parts of updating is cloth. Generally, clothes in the game vary in conditions to get. So, let’s find out how it is with a Sprinter Jacket.

Sprinter Jacket at Alo Sanctuary Roblox

The sprinter Jacket is one of the special items that you can obtain in the game. Therefore, it is quite a desired item as well. To get it, you have to complete an achievement.

The goal of the achievement is to collect ten affirmations, one each day. However, you do not need to collect ten affirmations day after another, you still can skip 2 or 3 days and get your sprinter jacket.

To collect the affirmation, you need to find the affirmation stand. The point is that it is quite hard to do. The affirmation stand will be in a different location every day. So, if you enjoy playing solo, you will spend hours finding it. 

However, there is a trick. You can try to find a thin purple beam in the sky, which is the locator of this stand. But it might not work. For example, if the affirmation is on the edge of the map, you will not be able to see the purple beam.

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That is why it is recommended to play with friends and find an affirmation stand every day. Using this way is less boring and faster. But there is one additional rule. Unfortunately, these stands have to be found in May. So, if you start from scratch now, you will not be able to get a sprinter jacket.

However, it can easily be changed in the future. Therefore, wait until June to see what will happen with the Sprinter Jacket.

So, that is all. Hope you consider this guide useful.

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How to Get Sprinter Jacket in Alo Sanctuary Roblox


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