How to Get Spins in Project Hero


Roblox is a platform for creating various games, which has a lot of cool titles based on anime and manga. And Project Hero is a game based on the popular anime My Hero Academia. Players will be able to become real heroes, with powerful moves and quirks. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get Spins in Project Hero.

How to Get Spins in Project Hero

Like many other Roblox games, Project Hero has a Gacha system. It is needed so that players can receive random Quirks. And for this, you need to spend Spins.

Quirks are special abilities that your character can use during battles. There are many different Quirks in the game, but, of course, not all of them are equal in strength. Therefore, getting a powerful Quirk is one of the main goals of the game.

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At the start of the game, each player has 4 Spins to get a Quirk. However, 4 attempts are not enough to get a powerful ability. Therefore, you need to get more Spins.

The easiest way is Codes. Developers often add new Codes to the game. And all you need to do is redeem them to get free Spins.

And the second way is to buy for Robux. Visit Quirk Lab in Hosu City and talk to Dr. Mid Groody to go to the Spin Menu. There you will see the Buy Spins buttons. By clicking on them, you can purchase a different number of Spins. Here’s how much it will cost you:

  • 20 Robux- 1 Spin
  • 200 Robux – 10 Spins
  • 400 Robux – 20 Spins
  • 800 Robux – 40 Spins
  • 1,200 Robux – 60 Spins

Well, the Quirks in Project Hero are super cool. However, getting new ones is quite difficult without spending real money. And we hope this guide was helpful for you.

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How to Get Spins in Project Hero


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