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How to Get Skill Points in Idle Breakout

How to Get Skill Points in Idle Breakout

Over the years, the world of video games has evolved from the simplest arcade games and text-based RPGs to incredible AAA titles, but the classics remain popular to this day. The Atari original Breakout, for example, required players to use different balls to destroy lines of bricks and inspired a host of variations, like the recent Idle Breakout. And in this guide, you can learn how to get Skill Points in Idle Breakout.

How to get Skill Points in Idle Breakout

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As an idle game, Idle Breakout is incredibly addictive and doesn’t require you to do much. At each level, different bricks appear on the field, and you have to destroy them by buying and using balls with different stats and abilities. Among the features that distinguish it from the original, one that stands out is the skill tree.

You earn Skill Points as you play Idle Breakout, and these resources can be used in your skill tree to buy new skills. Skills can give your balls new abilities or improve existing ones, like extending the duration of Power-ups and much more. However, it may take some time to get Skill Points, so you may be wondering if there are any strategies to earning that resource faster.

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In Idle Breakout, you get Skill Points for defeating Boss Bricks, which are bricks with a huge supply of health. But, unfortunately, you can’t go directly to the Boss.

First, you need to Prestige once and reach at least level 100—that is the level Black Bricks start appearing on the field. At first, they can only be damaged by Sniper Balls, so clicks or other balls will not deal any damage. But as you upgrade your skill tree, you can purchase skills that allow other balls to damage Black Bricks as well.

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In the frame where your capital is shown, you can find a Black Brick counter. For fighting bosses, you must destroy a certain amount of Black Bricks before starting the Boss Battle. But it’s better not to rush into it, because if your balls deal little damage, you will be “fighting” the Boss for a very long time.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Skill Points in Idle Breakout. Following this strategy, and you can easily acquire new skills in this exciting game.

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How to Get Skill Points in Idle Breakout


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