How to Get Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

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Scary. And sparkly.

Dialga, one of the coolest Pokemon to ever exist; the Creator of Time, possessing the Steel/Dragon typing coupled with monstrous stats. As soon as this beast was introduced as the Box Art Legendary for the original Pokemon Diamond, it was an instant fan-favorite.

If you have been wondering how to get shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, then you’re in the right place. Just read on ahead to have all of your questions answered!

How to Get Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Dialga appears as a static Legendary encounter that can be found only in 1 spot throughout the entire game: at the peak of Mount Coronet.

There are 2 different ways in which you can hunt for Shiny Dialga:

Pre-Elite 4

This is the first way you can try, recommended for the people who don’t plan on playing through the Elite Four and Champion anytime soon.

After beating the 7th Gym Leader, during the ending of the Team Galactic storyline at the peak of Mount Coronet, you will have to encounter and battle Dialga. Here, all you need to do is save your game before getting into battle with Dialga. Then, keep ‘soft resetting’ your game and engage in battle with Dialga over and over until you come across its shiny variant.

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The odds for you to encounter a Shiny Dialga with this shiny hunting method is 1/4096. So be ready to do this for a long time before you get your hands on a Shiny Dialga.

Post-Elite 4

This is the method that we recommend, which would require that you first defeat the Elite 4 and Champion before you can shiny hunt for Dialga. This method works because when you defeat Dialga in the storied encounter instead of catching it, it respawns in the same place after beating the Elite 4.

The reason that this method is superior to the Pre-Elite 4 method is due to the fact that you can now get your hands on the Shiny Charm, and with that in your possession, your odds for encountering a Shiny Dialga double!

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Head to Spear Pillar after beating the Elite 4 and Champion to encounter Dialga once more, and follow the same steps of the ‘soft resetting’ shiny hunt technique as elaborated in the first method. With the doubled odds, you will get your paws on a Shiny Dialga much quicker than usual!

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How to Get Shiny Dialga in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond


  1. Not true brother, both methods have full 1/4096 encounter rates because shiny charm in this game ONLY works one breeding/egg hatching method and not wild encounters.


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